Jen Persson

Director, defenddigitalme
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School census: what you need to know

Your detailed pupil records are stored in the National Pupil Database. If you or your family were at school any time since the mid-90s, this includes your own. What is it? What is it used for? And how are pupil records used by other government departments and third parties? Your school must meet data protection laws by offering the right to refuse and retract data submitted in the school census since 2016-17. Here’s why.


defenddigitalme campaigns for fair, transparent and safe use of school census data. Jen is a member of the DfE National Pupil Database Steering Group and Administrative Data Research Network approvals panel.


2016 National Conference

The Lord of all Things: an epic journey into the National Pupil Database.

This session ventures into the realms of where our national pupil database comes from, separates fantasy from facts on what happens to pupils’ personal data once it leaves every school in England, and asks if data can serve more than one master well: commercial business, the public interest, and public policy.